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Video Interoperability

Simplify your Skype and Teams meetings by bringing video room systems and web browsers together to create a seamless experience for all your users

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Simply Connect and Communicate Across Technology Barriers

Join Skype meetings from a video room system or any web browser, enabling everyone in your enterprise to collaborate and communicate seamlessly.

Video Interoperability Explainer Video

The Reasons to Select Video Interoperability

Unmatched Interoperability

Video conference users can join right into Skype for Business calls in a multitude of ways:

  • Join scheduled Skype meetings
  • Create ad-hoc point-to-point calls between Skype for Business and video room systems in any direction
  • Escalate calls and add room system users by drag and drop
Unmatched Interoperability
Native Skype Experience

Native Experience

All users can share their screen, and view shared content natively. All relevant content sharing technologies are supported:

  • Share from Skype for Business to video room systems
  • Share from video room systems to Skype for Business
  • Upload and share PowerPoint presentations from Skype for Business and view on a video room endpoint

Simple and Easy to Use

Ensures ease-of-call and simple usage for everyone – completely transparent to the user.

No new layouts. No changed functionality. No unexpected behavior. Management is performed from a single portal that can be accessed from anywhere.

Simple Interoperability
Deployment Flexibility

Deployment Flexibility

You can simply and quickly scale to any capacity, number of users, and location.

Resources can be added on the fly, wherever needed, from a single screen and with a single administrator. Deploy in your data center, a private or public cloud, or hybrid if needed, and even burst automatically from on-prem to cloud.

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