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Enjoy a Contact Center hosted in the cloud, minus all the cost-prohibitive hardware, maintenance costs, and upgrades

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Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Our cloud Contact Center fits a variety of use cases including multi-channel communications, global call center, employee communications, and help desk.

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The Reasons to Select a Cloud Contact Center

Native to Skype for Business

Enjoy a superior cloud contact solution that is developed exclusively for Skype for Business and works seamlessly with Office 365.

Native to Skype for Business, extending the functionality of Skype for Business rather than replacing or replicating it, while retaining Skype for Business’ voice quality and reliability.

Clarity Connect Contact Center
Cloud managed

Cloud Managed

Flexible cloud deployment model provides options for your Contact Center. You can deploy a Contact Center for Office 365, or for a cloud-hosted or Skype Server installation of Skype for Business.

Moving to the cloud enables clients to eliminate costly PBX infrastructure and simplify maintenance needs. It’s now easier than ever to make the switch, since there are no upfront technology investments needed.

CRM Integration

Connect our Contact Center to your existing CRM platform to simplify the agent experience by reducing the number of apps they need open on their desktop.

It integrates out-of-the box with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and for simplified inbound customer routing and management.

CRM Integration

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Intelligent IM Routing

Your employees should get support and troubleshooting assistance simply and quickly. Your organization can deliver on these principles by intelligently and quickly connecting your employees to the experts and answers they need to get the job done.

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One Cloud Solution, Many Features

Contact Center Reporting
Real-Time Analytics

With real-time metrics at your fingertips from a powerful web-based analytics dashboard, you can respond to customer issues instantly in a proactive manner, creating a positive customer experience.

Contact Center Help desk
Internal Help Desk

An online help desk has never been easier or more powerful. Use the full functionality of Skype for Business, but have the intelligence to route them to the right person the first time.

App integration
CRM Integration

Looking to interact with or Microsoft Dynamics? We have deep integrations for these as well as the ability to interact with other third-party tools.

Web chat
Web Chat

Adding web chat to your public-facing website has never been easier. Expose new ways for your users to reach the experts inside your organization.

Contact Center Call Flow
Intelligent Routing

Works like Skype for Business does, powering remote agents and geo-dispersed groups to intelligently route calls to the right resource.

Contact Center Dashboard

Reporting is available intra-day and provides powerful insight into everything from agent behavior to queue stats, Contact Center analytics, call flow navigation with heat maps, post-call and post-chat surveys, and more.

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